this is Tobias

Full Stack Web Developer excited about Microservices and Blockchain.

Focus on what's important

Being a full-stack developer has taught me that the most crucial element to reaching any goal is figuring out how to get where you need to be, which usually leads to learning new skills and reinforcing existing ones.

My biggest passion and privilege is the ability to provide highly interactive and fast web applications that perform to specification and display well in all target environments.

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Real-world experience

My biggest personal achievement must be building a chat platform with three cornerstone features: Auto-moderation, statistics, and using it to run engagement campaigns for several clients and their more than 30 thousand users.

I am currently building a Progressive Web Application interface for the platform mentioned above. More details to come.

In recent months my interests have grown to exploring the potential of smart contracts and how the technology might be utilized in regard to improving transparency and security for asset-based applications.